A social spot serving cafecito, good food, and conversation.

Welcome to 1928 Cuban Bistro where the colors and flavors are as exciting as the island that inspired our cuisine. 1928 Bistro brings people together by transporting them to a place where conversation flows, espresso coffee is brewing, and the food is made with savory, Cuban flare. Come for some "cafecito" and conversation. Reach for a cup, stay for a pastry, a Cuban sandwich, or maybe a "batido." We are committed to providing quality products, excellent service, and unparalleled hospitality to our guests.


Why 1928?

My grandfather was born on October 4th, 1928. He left Cuba in 1961 to escape communism. He found safety in the United States, a country that welcomed Cubans with open arms. He worked hard all his life to create the "American Dream" for his three daughters. My grandfather was the rock of our family and my number one supporter.

1928 Cuban Bistro is dedicated to Mario y Pura Alvarado

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3928 baymeadows rd
jacksonville, fl 32217
Monday-wednesday 8am-6pm
thursday-saturday 8am-8pm
sunday 8am-4pm